Here are various pictures of me and my family.

This is me when I was a character at the Hawkwood Mideval Fanstasy Festival. My character's name there was Pox. Go figure, I never did figure out why they named him that. The best description for him is a cross of Mongo (Blazing Saddles), Lenny (Of Mice and Men) and Master/Blaster (Beyond Thunderdome). Suffice to say playing this guy was a bit of a challenge :)

Featured below is my lovely wife Beth. Such beauty speaks for itself I think


Last but certainly not least is our son Bryan. He's a great little boy, and LOUD. He's 15 months old and climbs on everything, swings from outstreched fingers and is noticably stronger than other babies his size. My wife is bound and determined to see him in hockey, whereas I prefer gymnastics, football and martial arts. Well, we'll just show him everything and then let him choose.